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Can I use my trail running shoes for road running?

Absolutely! There are a few things you should be aware of though. Trail running shoes, just like road running shoes, are designed to provide the necessary support for the activities they're built for, in this case they are both built for running. What you need to consider though, is that trail shoes are designed for much more rugged environments, this generally means that they will be a little heavier and they will often have more aggressive grip designs, this not only can cause some additional resistance when running on the road, but these pronounced cleats or treads will often wear down more quickly on flat roads than when being subjected to dirt trails, river crossings, gravel tracks and so on.

So while you can quite happily use a pair of trail shoes on the road, you'll probably find you're making your life a little more difficult than it needs to be! We'd recommend keeping the trail running shoes for the trails and having a different pair of shoes for road running so you get the best of both worlds and aren't sacrificing your performance or enjoyment either way.

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