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When should I replace my trail running shoes?

Trail running shoes are typically designed to last between 300 and 500 miles, or 18 months, whichever happens first. Of course there are many variables to this e.g. care/ maintenance, effective drying, trail surfaces, running form, etc. Remember that the cushioning properties of all running shoes will deteriorate over time, whether you're wearing them or not, so having a spare pair that you don't use may not be up to the task by the time you take them out of the box!

It's a good idea to have more than one pair of trail running shoes which allows you to rotate your shoes, ensuring they are properly dry before each run, we also don't recommend using things like a clothes dryer to speed up the drying process as this can have negative affects on the shoe's materials, causing them to break down quicker and shorten the life of your shoes.

Keep an eye of the soles for wear and get a feel for the structural integrity of your shoes, once you feel this start to diminish (twisting the shoe is a good gauge) you will know it's time to start looking for a replacement pair.

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